We design products that help people slow down and find a sense of peace in what they know to be true.

At Life Tree we believe that when you think better you feel better.

Life is so full of distractions, it seems everyone is telling a different story. But which story is true? We are bombarded everyday with all kinds of messages, it’s easy to feel tossed around like waves in a storm!

We believe that when you take a moment to focus on thoughts that bring life you will be empowered to tell your own story. We are obsessed with finding ways to remind you of what’s true so you can quiet the storm and live a fruitful life.


Who are we?

Life Tree is owned by a group of families who have journeyed through life together. We hope to inspire others with the expressions of joy we have found while walking this road. Our passion is designing products that encourage deeper connection and appreciation of each other.
We believe that you have something incredibly unique to offer the world. Our hope is that you will come to believe this truth for yourself and help others to see themselves in the same light.