Chances are you’re here to find a solution for better sleep for your child or loved one. You’ve heard weighted blankets can help the restless or anxious child.

But what are they?

Weighted blankets are blankets made with additional weights inside so that they are much heavier than a regular doona or throw.
At Life Tree we use micro glass beads for weights and they are sewn into our quilted blankets to ensure even distribution of weight. We’ll explain more about why that’s important soon. 

How do they work?

Weighted blankets aim to create deep pressure stimulation, a therapeutic technique that encourages feelings of calm. This technique has been used for many years by allied health professionals such as occupational therapists. Weighted blankets seek to make these same benefits more widely accessible. 

How do they create these feelings of calm?
Deep pressure stimulation helps release the feel-good hormone serotonin, increase the sleep hormone melatonin, and reduce the stress hormone cortisol. This in turn has a calming effect and can lead to a more peaceful sleep.
You know how a good, long hug can make you relax? It’s a similar effect. That’s why we think our weighted blankets are just like a hug from mum.  

Evenly distributed weight across the blanket helps the body to calm and regulate which sends a message that it’s safe to go to sleep. It’s time for the brain to say goodnight and let all those busy thoughts from the day go. 

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